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Angry Steele Had Breast Liposuction

I missed this from sentencing at http://stopnetspend.com/steele/sentence.pdf . Steele came down with prostate cancer in 1997. He was given a injection lasting for six months to stop testosterone production which was followed by radiation. He seems to have been cured from that. This treatment may have started a huge weight gain. Castrated animals frequently get fat.

Steele had gastric bypass surgery in 2008. This is drastic surgery to allow a morbidly obese person to lose weight. According to the Pre Sentence Report, he lost 100 pounds of weight. The hernia spoken of by the judge may have been the common complication of gastric bypass surgery.

Steele admits that he underwent breast reduction liposuction in 2010 four months after his aortic aneurysm which nearly killed him. There is a Negro in the woodpile here. His wife had been used to his appearance for 12 years at this time. His new Ukrainian girlfriend hadn't seen him yet. The prosecutor made political hay over this. She tried to show that if he was well enough for elective breast surgery that he wasn't crazy enough for Fairfax to take advantage of him.

All of this brings out new Negroes in the woodpile. It appears that the jury never heard about this breast reduction operation. I don't know how serious the problem was in the first place but this needs to be addressed. Anyone who has seen Steele since 1998 needs to comment on the size of his breasts.


The medical records show that the defendant has had some minor surgeries in the past plus some more severe medical conditions and surgery more recently. Most notably, he had prostate cancer in 1997, gastric bypass in I think it was 2008, surgery for an ascending aortic aneurysm in 2009, surgery for a hernia in 2010, and a surgery in 2010 because of an uncontrollable nosebleed. Following the gastric bypass that I referred to, he lost approximately 100 pounds and then underwent the extensive liposuction that was discussed previously.

He has had many medical procedures throughout his life. And during trial, and even today, there was talk about this 2009 ascending aortic aneurysm and that it was life-threatening. And we note from the presentence that four months after that procedure, the defendant had extensive liposuction. And the point that we bring that up is not to say that the aortic aneurysm was not life-threatening, but four months later, he is cleared for elective surgery. And so this idea that he was either so medicated or that he was so incapacitated in some way that Mr. Fairfax was able to take advantage of him doesn't ring true.

I can't imagine life without her, but I'm going to have to get used to it, apparently. She cared for me through the six months and four life-threatening surgeries just prior to my arrest. Oh, liposuction. Yeah, it was elective.

It had been paid for before my aortic aneurysm emergency surgery, and it was designed to reduce the size of my breasts, primarily, because I had prostate cancer 12 years ago. And as a part of the chemotherapy and the radiation therapy that I received for that -- and I survived it, too, as you can see -- because of that, my breasts -- my breasts grew, and I was always self conscious of it. So, finally, I was going to have them fixed. And somehow she makes it appear that it's some kind of useless, superfluous, frivolous reason.

And then I had two more surgeries after that, one for an emergency hernia repair, which can be life-threatening. There was no suggestion that I was about to die, but I know the doctor puts me into the emergency room -- or the surgery room the day after I appeared in his office with it.

And the nasal aneurysm, the head aneurysm certainly was life-threatening. I could have bled to death in the time I was trying to drive to the emergency room. And I have symptoms and problems from that to this day. I've had them
throughout the pendency of this case.

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