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Angry Insanity Proofs During Sentencing Statement

Here Steele injects a breath of sanity into the trial. This comment must have endured Steele to the court.

And don't tell me about how lawyers who have themselves as clients are fools because anybody who wants to become a lawyer is a fool anyway.
Steele is allowed to bash the government and the prosecution and then claims that he is being denied the right to speak in his defense.

But the bad guys here, Judge, are the government, are the FBI, are the prosecution. And when I'm denied the right to speak out about their conduct and what they have done, then I'm denied the right to present my case, as I was at trial. I was denied the right to present any sort of defense.
These indeed are the lunatic ravings of a madman.

These are not the lunatic ravings of a madman. I have said this from the beginning, and I say it here today.
Steele here admits that he wrote the steamy love letter to his Ukrainian honey Tatana Loginova. He had every opportunity to testify that the voice on the recordings was not his. Fairfax testified that it was Steele's voice on the recordings. The authenticity of the recordings was never at issue. He endears himself to the judge by stating that all lawyers are fools. He also excuses his failure to testify because he couldn't control his anger.

There was a letter attached to the deposition transcript of that lady from Ukraine. I wrote the letter. Nobody ever asked me if I did, if I'd authenticate it. I would have. I did. And I had reasons for doing it that didn't have anything to do with running off with a near teenager to dump my wife. In that letter I told her that they had recordings that were falsified. That was before the court; and yet you said it was irrelevant because nobody had brought it into dispute. My wife had testified that it wasn't my voice on those recordings, but you said that Dr. Papcun couldn't testify because nobody had put the authenticity of the recordings into dispute.

Time and again, it was put into dispute, Judge. And then, just before the defense was to be allowed to start to present its case -- it wasn't going to be much of a case, near as I could tell, because I had left that to McAllister. I trusted in him. I had forgotten about how the fact is that all lawyers are fools. I know I couldn't trust myself because of the anger that I felt, because of the irrationality I felt. I sat in that chair in more trials than I can recount.
This is a lie. Steele's supporters paid $120,000 to the worthless scumbag now disbarred lawyer and he did not use his life savings.

And then in less than one day, my case was presented. And before I knew it, the guy that I had hired and paid a lot of money to, paid my life savings to, to represent me rested. I couldn't believe what was going on. And now it's happening here again today. What's wrong with this picture, Judge?
Steele forgets that he had resigned the bar in Idaho before this in lieu of discipline. He had also resigned or been disbarred in all other states and was no longer a lawyer.

I have a right, and it's high time that I was heard. I haven't been allowed to be heard. Nobody believes me, even though I'm an officer of this court. And the only one who proves that I'm a liar about anything is this oafish, northern Idaho handyman, self-confessed liar, self-confessed pipe-bomber. But I, law degree, officer of this court as well as courts all up and down the West coast, I am not to be believed, I am to be rushed along, I am not to be heard. That's the way it's been right from the beginning.
This is a gross lie. Steele's silver was returned to his wife three days after his arrest except for a few ounces kept for evidence. McAllister was hired after Steele's supporters donated $120,000.

They seized my life savings, which I had in the form of silver at my home. And they held it until just about the eve of trial. That's why I had to have the public defender. I couldn't afford to hire a lawyer. And they released that silver just a couple of weeks before trial was scheduled to start, and that's when I was able to have McAllister sign on as my attorney of record, because that was when I was able to pay him.
Here Steele correctly observes that the Russian Mafia may be after him. The reason however, is that he has insulted their intelligence. They wouldn't waste their time on puny $4,000 Ukrainian bride scams. Those Ukrainian honeys are perfectly capable of handling this type of scam by themselves.

I was denied investigation that I demanded into the Russian Mafia, which I maintain had a hand in this case, into this Russian bride scam. They brought in a very selected body of evidence about that. They brought in letters that I had exchanged with one of these Ukraine girls, when there had been upwards of a hundred of them that I had had contact with, certainly, 30 to with whom I had had extensive correspondence exchanged.