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Default Recorder Details from Government Supply Specs

Here is the specs on the recorder that was used to nail Steele. It is disguised as a key fob and was carried in Fairfax's pocket. It has no moving parts or headphone capability and can only be downloaded to a host computer. Photos of various forms available are shown.



LI 003, FLEX8F Audio only 13.4 hr stereo single board recorder (1.75"x0.9"x0.2") *
(One in Chassis w/Remote on/off & one as Keyfob)

Tiny circuit card can be removed from chassis to be embedded in almost anything! Built in USB interface Uses a flat rechargeable Lithium cell battery Comes with battery and charger

Data archived via USB2 port to DVD or CD

View and create analog copies from your Pc


Size 1.4" x 0.8" x 0.18"

Weight varies with concealment

Operating Voltage 3v

Recording Time vs. Quality No Compression 13.4 hrs. 2:1 Compression 27 hrs.

Recording Time vs. Battery Type Flat Lithium Battery various capacity Custom

Concealments Watch, GM Key, FOB Key Chain, Zippo

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