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Angry Hash Function Spoofing

Originally Posted by 8Man View Post

The FBI evidence labs have a history involving evidence tampering.
Of course the FBI's evidence handling procedures are self-serving, but to avoid criticism they should provide more details on how they preserve the authenticiy of the alledged evidence- not just "trust us".

See: Info on how 16-byte hashes are spoofed.
It is beyond argument that FBI labs have a history of evidence tampering. They got their fingers burned many years ago and have apparently changed their ways.

It is also beyond argument that Steele's so called experts have repeatedly made fools of themselves in this case. I am not an authority on hash functions. It seems to me that the Steele camp should show us how to defeat the 32 byte hash algorithm which was used on the recordings. Let's see them come up with a random recording that has the same 32 byte hash function.

Keep in mind that the government had only 10 days after Steele's arrest to come up with the supposedly faked recordings before Cyndi heard them. This includes all of the hash function work. It is impossible to fake two 30 minute recordings in that time frame. It would have been so much simpler to plant some cocaine in the trunk of Steele's vehicle.

I saw a post on another forum which settled this issue. If the recordings are fake, Fairfax has to be in on it. No FBI agent in their right mind would risk prison since Fairfax is a known blackmailer and turncoat. Fairfax is also too stupid to be a good enough liar and actor to handle a hoax like this. You may have forgotten about Steele's steamy love letters written to his Ukrainian girlfriend from his jail cell.