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Angry New Vice for Steele

Originally Posted by VikingWarrior View Post
Agreed, but do we know how long he had be 'trawling' these Eastern European websites looking for a new young honey, might of been quite some time.
Clearly the prosecutor did a thorough search of Steele's computer. They counted 14,000 emails where Steele had communicated with a Ukrainian woman OVER 100 times. Had there been any such activity before his surgery, they would have jumped on it.

All of the recent photos that I have seen of Cyndi indicate that she is 100 pounds overweight. She doesn't seem to have gained any weight since her first press conference in July or so of 2010. She looks the same on photos after sentencing in November of 2011. Steele may have gotten disgusted with her after his surgery. Contrast that with her appearance in her younger days.

Steele surely hadn't forgotten that she tried to take him for everything but the shirt on his back in 2001. She caught him looking for women on match.com and filed for divorce. That was mutually dismissed a few months later. This divorce threat was only three years after Steele's prostate cancer in 1998 where he was chemically castrated for about six months. It is unknown what kind of a stud he was after that or since.