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Angry Another Negro in the Woodpile

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Edgar Steele Frame-up - Part 1 of 4 - YouTube!
He also relates that Steele called his wife in Oregon to discuss whether Eddy Bear had been moved in his bedroom. Eddy Bear was the teddy bear which was to be sent to his Ukrainian honey Tatyana Loginova. Steele mentioned this teddy bear in his jailhouse converstion with his son Rex and seemed worried about Cyndi finding out about it. There is a Negro in the woodpile here .
It just occurred to me that the Steele camp is lying about Eddie Bear. Hoyt claims in the above video that Steele called his wife in Oregon and asked about the placement of Eddie Bear being disturbed in their bedroom. When he called his son Rex from jail a week later, he was worried whether Eddie Bear had been left out after the search where Cyndi could find it. The implication was that Rex knew about Eddie Bear and Cyndi did not. If she already knew about it, why would it matter? Was Eddie Bear bought to send to Tatyana without Cyndi's knowledge? See http://www.kxly.com/localvideo/index.html?v=21568 for the recording. This is a recording of both the calls from Steele to his son Rex and his wife from Kootenai County jail in Sandpoint.

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