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Originally Posted by Hadding View Post
Here's a guy whose personality was radically altered by a stroke. It turned him into an appearance-obsessed QUEER.


The counter-argument that some of you people have used over and over against the suggestion that Steele's personality may have been altered from the mini-strokes accompanying his cardiac trauma and surgery is that he still speaks clearly and seems lucid and you can't believe that a stroke could alter Steele's personality without also causing obvious cognitive impairment.

I heard Chris Birch in an interview on BBC Radio 4. He doesn't seem to have any more cognitive impairment than Steele.

Here's a video.
Chris Birch, the former rugby player who woke up gay - YouTube
I usually am quicker to catch on. This post appeared to be a novel but a bit off topic. After thinking about it some more, I have seen the error of my ways. Here is a Limey who was perfectly normal before doing a back flip and landing on his head. Apparently his twisted neck caused some clots or debris in his carotid artery to come loose and inflict brain damage. He is now queer as a three dollar bill.

He seems to be sincere in this video and not carrying the queer agenda. He is by no means irrational to hear him talk. He shocked his fiance when he woke up in the hospital and told her that he was now queer.

If a mini-stroke can turn this Limey from normal to a hairdresser queer with a boyfriend, it is believable that Steele can turn into a sex maniac. It has not been established that he is able to rise to the occasion after his treatment for prostate cancer. He is willing to take extraordinary risks to try to please his Ukrainian honey. Any fool who will write steamy love letters to his overseas girlfriend when he is jailed on charges of trying to blow up his wife with a pipe bomb is as crazy as you can get.