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Steele Interview Was Classic Example
Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Self-interviews are vastly underused form. Most interviews, the -er is untutored and too lazy to research to come up with the truly interesting questions, which the interviewee is perfectly situated to do.

DEP's response:A classic example of an unprepared interviewer was the KXLY-TV reporter who interviewed Steele in jail in Moscow Idaho just before he was sentenced. She had no clue what to ask. Had she known about all of his crazy behavior she could have had him confess on the spot. I wrote her later with enough information for her to redo the interview but she never did. She did not even reply.
As you claim to be Mr. Steele's staunchest advocate and supporter, who only wants what's best for the "poor man", that would have benefited his case how exactly?
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