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Default Steele and Social Security

Thanks to this tip from Tintin I found another Negro in the woodpile. When I applied for social security at the age of 62 1/2, there were NO requirements for tax returns or income information.

Steele claims in the following extract from his Nickle Rant to have essentially no income on 11 July, 2007. He had turned 62 just three days before. He could have applied three months previously to get a check starting when he turned 62 and the rant sounds like that he did.

There are limitations on outside income from age 62 to age 65. Exceeding those limits causes social security to be reduced. Steele had to be talking about income before age 62 which is irrelevant.

We know from Cyndi's testimony that he was receiving social security when he was arrested just before he turned 65. She is being required to repay 9 months worth after he was convicted.


July 11, 2007

Social Insecurity

On a side note, I recently applied for Social Security myself and was stunned to be denied benefits altogether because, despite providing my tax returns, and on no evidence whatsoever, they essentially have accused me of committing tax fraud by not reporting income - income sufficient to place me beyond the level that allows Social Security payments at age 62.

Imagine my situation well, because this is your not-so-distant future treatment, too. A denial of my paid-in-full retirement money based upon no evidence whatsoever (because there is none, of course - my income really is as nonexistent as my tax returns disclose).