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Default Re: Worst Case of Insanity in History.

Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
You have just proved another instance of his insanity. He thinks that someone will believe that he was investigating a so called Ukrainian bride scam. Read the letter. No investigator would ever write a letter like that. This is a letter from a love struck teenage boy sent from a jail cell. An investigator would only target money grubbing Ukrainian women who speak English and were targeting American men. He is chasing a fair damsel as you would understand it.

You forget that Steele wrote 14,000 emails to Ukrainian women over a 100 day period. This count was for women to whom he had written AT LEAST 100 emails. This was one every four minutes of a 10 hour day. No wonder that he claimed to be too sick to feed the horses. He didn't have time to feed them. No investigator would so fragment his efforts. If you can't crack a bride scam case in 1,000 emails, you don't know what you are doing. Steele was OBSESSED with Ukrainian women.

We now have only covered three of about 30 insanity proofs that I have come up with.
Nope - I didn't forget the quantity of emails. That's actually part of my believing that the whole Ukrainian thing is irrelevant. If you love someone so much that you are prepared to kill your wife in order to be free to marry them, why are you writing to multiple women? If the emails had all been to the one woman, then I would have considered buying that he was obsessed with her to the point of murdering his wife.
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