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Default Re: Worst Case of Insanity in History.

Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
That is simple. Tatyana was the one of the 140 or so of them whom he liked the most. It is obvious from his love letter that he had something going with her for days or weeks. In answer to your question, he tried to kill his wife because he was crazy. He was writing 100 Ukrainian women because he was crazy. He was and is crazy. This explains all things that he did.
It's not simple at all. If you love someone - Tatyana - so much that you are prepared to kill your wife, your children's mother for her, you're not going to be messing about with 99 other women. It's not obvious that he liked Tatyana the most - she may have been the most forthcoming with information about the supposed scam.

I have still seen nothing to indicate that he was crazy.
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