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Default Re: Edgar Steele "charged in murder-for-hire plot"

Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
Lenny the Jew lover needs to keep his mouth shut and speak when he is spoken to.

Originally Posted by Pauly
I never claimed that Steele did this. This was a theoretical question for a lady with brains, not you. My duty is to get a lawyer out of jail who is there thru no fault of his own. This is in spite of Whiggers like you.
It's 'through,' not 'thru.'

It's a rhetorical question, not a theoretical one--a stupid one at that.

No, I'm no lady.

And unlike you, I don't toss out baseless accusations or capitalize random nouns. I also wouldn't claim to be 'helping' a person that I was running into the ground. There is one ethnic group noted for that behavior, particularly in political contexts, which this clearly is.