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Default Re: Edgar Steele "charged in murder-for-hire plot"

Steele would more than likely have acted strangely due to medication, not insanity.

Certainly anti-depressants and the mess they prescribe nowadays would affect anyone's mind.

As to love, that in itself has made many do foolish things.

His investigating white slavery is quite possible and believable considering his nature. That would not mean he could not have become infatuated with one, but still continued with the investigation of the others, it may in fact have made him all the more determined to rescue them all.

That he wrote traceable emails when USB's, hushmail etc are freely available, shows he was not concerned about hiding them.

If he wanted to kill his wife he could have simply killed her, driven her and her car over a cliff and burned them, and reported her missing.

We also do not know whether his "girlfriend" was a female at all, and not a Jewish conman.

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