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Angry Worst Case of Insanity in History

Originally Posted by Hugh View Post
If he wanted to kill his wife he could have simply killed her, driven her and her car over a cliff and burned them, and reported her missing.

We also do not know whether his "girlfriend" was a female at all, and not a Jewish conman.
Two of your points are very good and require further comment. In 2000 Cyndi tried to take Steele for every penny that he had. She had caught him looking for women on match.com by posting her own profile. She then filed for divorce as posted a few pages back. I would argue that he had every right to kill her for that, but just not get caught and embarrass White Nationalism. From a moral standpoint, she committed attempted armed robbery.

When Steele was sane, he would never have attempted such an insane plot. He would have gone camping with her in the mountains and she would have fallen off a cliff. He would have needed to take acting lessons so that he could cry as he went for help. He couldn't come up with any tears when he was told the false story of his wife's death by an Idaho State Patrolman. His comment was:"You've gotta be shitting me!".

When I heard the government's story, I initially believed that Steele had been framed. I posted that I had lost all confidence in the FBI because they couldn't even do a decent job of framing somebody. The plot sounded like that it had been cooked up by a six-year-old. As evidence piled up, it became obvious that Steele had done what the government claimed and was bat shit crazy. I have about 30 separate proofs of that charge.

You are wrong about Tatyana Loginova, she is a 25-year-old cutie who speaks no English. The U.S. Embassy in the Ukraine arranged for a live video deposition with interpreters. She confirmed that the letters were real and acknowledged all details. The letters are not in dispute. Steele also admitted during sentencing that he wrote them and "I had my reasons.". These reasons will be comparable to the ones needed to explain the Resurrection. We are still waiting with baited breath.