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Angry Bev's Confusion About the Divorce

Originally Posted by Bev View Post
She caught him on match.com and petitioned for divorce and punitively tried to take him to the cleaners, as some women do. She took him back.
Bev is confused again. Cyndi did NOT take Steele back. He took HER back. You will see from the list of motions that I posted that she was never granted the $1,000 per month that she wanted DURING the time of the divorce action. Steele starved her out for money because she only had $3,000 in a joint checking account (chequeing to Bev). He likely kept just enough money in it to keep Cyndi and the kids from starving. When she couldn't pay her suspected Jewish Princess lawyer, she had to kiss and make up. She did make a lifelong enemy however.

At the time Cyndi tried to take Steele for everthing BUT the shirt off his back. After he went crazy it is likely that the clothes that he was wearing when he was arrested were released to her. Now she is taking him for everything INCLUDING the shirt off his back. She most likely has destroyed the evidence as to whether he shit his pants when they told him that he was under arrest. Cyndi also got $100,000 in spending money and did not have to pay anything to her suspected Jewish Princess lawyer.

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