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Default Bev Changes Her Tune

Originally Posted by Bev View Post
OK - I give in. You win. You're right. He's a can short of a six-pack and his wife's just as nutty for not seeing this abrupt change in her husband. Good luck in your quest in getting him declared insane as a result of a heart operation.

Can you build the bridge on the swampland in Florida that I'm selling andy?
Bev has changed her tune. At the time of her post it was not yet clear that Cyndi knew that her husband had gone crazy and wanted him locked up in prison for life. She has pocketed most of the loot raked in that was to be used for her husband's defense. She also gets to keep all of his property without having to pay a divorce lawyer. This sordid case is now known to be far grimmer than ever thought possible before.