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Angry Prisons Will Be Opened

Originally Posted by patriot View Post
We have to rescue Steele when SHTF and it could be very soon. You wouldn't need many and if the whole country is rioting you can do a lot. Someone who said Steele told him to kill his wife would mean nothing, but the feds or the guy that framed him planted something and by coincidence it was found by a mechanic.
You need to read the thread. Steele was NOT FRAMED. He went crazy from aorta surgery and did what the government claimed. He may have been totally institutionalized by now and may not even want to be rescued. That may explain why there has been no confirmed contact by him with the outside world in the last 16 months. He also might die in prison. I continue to work on getting him out behind the scenes.

I keep saying that the blood will flow ankle deep in the street soon. When it does the prisons will be opened just like they were in the Soviet Union when it collapsed.