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Originally Posted by Fred Streed View Post
Hopefully there won't be many boolies left in White areas after a period of necessary unpleasantness.

It may be instructive to preserve a few of the black bastards, neutered of course, in cages at various zoos. Maybe locate their cage with howler monkeys on one side and chimps on the other side. And they can throw a couple nigroes in with the baboons just for the entertainment value. The jigaboos can steal stuff from the baboons and the baboons could kick the shit out of the niggers. Should be a win/win situation for all.

Please, all you PC liberals and other idiots out there, please do not construe this as racism. It is not meant to promote hatred but as a humane course of action that benefits all the zoo animals involved, ever the niggers.
Never laughed so hard. I hate blacks.