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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
I went to the Aldi in our area again tonight; forgot the damn quarter for the basket, so I had to hold my items. The basket thing isn't bad since you get the quarter back, but the BYO bag thing can be a pain. Interesting that they're expanding the one in Kirksville, since they tout the smallness of their stores & parking lots as crucial to their low prices (low rents).
Weren't there other shoppers? At ours, you wouldn't wait two minutes before you could give someone your 25c for their cart, in any combo.

The store here is still small after expansion. it's probably not 10% big as Walmart. And it needs expansion because it's often cramped. Aldis are only open during busy hours, again part of their design. I have believed and told them they could open a store on the south side of our town of 17,000 and it would work just fine. This is partial vindication. I would go to Aldi 2x as often if it were on my side of town, rather than 3-4 miles north. And I guarantee that's true of many others. All I have near me is Hy-Vee, which has absurd prices.