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Originally Posted by T.Garrett View Post
My great grandfather was a member of the NY Ku Klux Klan and a Mason, he described both groups as social organizations nothing more.

I still have his Klan robes (that fit me) in my closet and ...Oooo ...his gold ring with the esoteric symbols on it to cast the NWO wizard spell on y'all!

"Thrice hath the lone Owl hooted, and thrice the panther cried; And swifter through the darkness, The Pale Brigade shall ride.

No trumpet sounds its coming, And no drum-beat stirs the air; But noiseless in their vengeance, They wreak it everywhere ..."

Klan march in Washington DC 1925

NSSA. NON SILBA SED ANTHAR. Not Self But Others. AKIA. Save Our Land ; join the Klan.
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