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Where dem broads be at ??!
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Originally Posted by T.Garrett View Post
I have a fucking horrible internet connection here so bear with me. Later, bro.
I hear ya !! . . currently all I have is my wife's cell phone to access internet (do my best that this "hurdle" may not be visible by my posts though, lol . . )

. . seriously , what is it with shitty internet-connections these days . . ?!

Originally Posted by T.Garrett View Post
I've heard that even the 'blues' (and so rock) music can be sourced to the scot overseers and owners of our former slave population, very likely since our niggers are worthless scumbags who never even learned to read/write music until the 20th century (blamed that on the 'oppression' of YT too).

I am sorry my people didn't kill every last one of these half breed savages and unleashed them on the civilized world, we will do better next time I assure you.
. . . the British Isles had their indigenous music which was surely transported to the Americas . .

Don't think that sounded like "Blues" though . .

This is about what indigenous music from the British Isles sounds like . .

Sex was once a forbidden topic . yet everyone had it on his /her mind . . today race is a forbidden topic