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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

Ray , concerning your referring to the po-lice as 'the blue niggers' , lol ,did you happen to know that Germany also recently changed the uniforms of the po-lice from green to blue?
That would explain why I'm seeing a number of the old green German police and Border Guard uniform jackets and other items appearing in military surplus catalogs I receive. Recently I bought one their green Gore-Tex raincoats for $25. Just a plain one, not the kind with the big 'POLIZEI' patch plastered on the back. Pretty good deal, I guess.

The terms 'blue nigger' for cop and 'green nigger' for military already existed before I joined VNNF. But they are appropriate since they are niggers for the state. Blue has always been the traditional uniform color for American city police since the 19th century--probably because the first professional police organization in the world, the London Metropolitan Police, adopted that color and the u.s followed suit. However, county sheriff's departments in the u.s have usually worn green or brown. Today, with the increasing militarization of "law enforcement," they are all becoming indistinguishable from soldiers in the wearing of camouflage combat uniforms and heavy weaponry. And as you've probably read in previous posts of mine, many green niggers leave the armed forces and become blue nigger badge fags still thinking and acting like they are in fucking Afghanistan or Iraq. Only this time their enemy is us, the citizenry of this country. Police State is absolutely true now. ZOG, JOG, NWO, whatever you want to call it.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor