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Ray Allan, you and me both, I can't really go in Walmart and preserve my sanity. The walls of Chinese crap, the people in your way, the way it's designed plus the way I'm hard on myself for being weak and letting it get to me, it's just no good. Things are a lot different from when i was a kid in the 80s and my dad would actually dress up to grocery shop. Now it's like a circus.

T.Garrett, I haven't seen bacon and potatoes in a very long time! The schnitzel was my favourite as a kid (made more so because it wasn't liver or bone marrow or some other kind of crazy food, oh i would cry in my liver). I know it without cream in the egg and without bread crumbs. The cucumber salad I know too, but without cream, just vinegar and sugar. I make my schnitzel with cracker crumbs and pork. A fun thing my dad did was take the leftover egg and flour and cook that, too.

Beer and bratwurst and mustard, T.Garrett, is there anything better. I know what I'm eating later