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Default "Forever Changed" documentary - 2015

Not sure if the above is anywhere on VNN or not.

I read on Yahoo that the parents made bloody well sure that bad people who wanted to turn this event into a black VS white issue were ignored. As follows.

David and Gail Witt at work on "Forever Changed"

Witt's husband David, who's acting as a producer for the project, noted the obvious racial element to the case, as the convicted individuals are all African-American and their victims were white. But that was never a factor in the documentary, he said: "We're just trying to be as neutral as possible and tell the truth."

Deena Christian agrees, saying she was approached by journalists who wanted to sensationalize the crime as a black-versus-white incident, but the families weren't buying it and wouldn't take the bait.

Such "nobility". Such blindness.
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