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Originally Posted by Stronza View Post
Not sure if the above is anywhere on VNN or not.

I read on Yahoo that the parents made bloody well sure that bad people who wanted to turn this event into a black VS white issue were ignored. As follows.

David and Gail Witt at work on "Forever Changed"

Witt's husband David, who's acting as a producer for the project, noted the obvious racial element to the case, as the convicted individuals are all African-American and their victims were white. But that was never a factor in the documentary, he said: "We're just trying to be as neutral as possible and tell the truth."

Deena Christian agrees, saying she was approached by journalists who wanted to sensationalize the crime as a black-versus-white incident, but the families weren't buying it and wouldn't take the bait.

Such "nobility". Such blindness.
Quoted above, with emphasis:

"We're just trying to be as neutral as possible and tell the truth."
And, the truth is that niggers are lower than viruses who will maim, torture, and kill for no reason. A virus may maim, torture, and kill, but it's trying to replicate itself. Ergo, niggers are lower than viruses.

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