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Default WP calls for criminalization of those who do not vaccinate

From The Washington Post:

"In the same way we have created sex-offenders lists to protect our children, communities can inventory families that choose not to be vaccinated, notifying employers of these parents as well as neighbors who may choose not to expose their children. Exceptions might be made for religious or medical reasons, but not for those who are simply choosing to ignore the science. ... Viewed through the lens of public safety, it is the parents who should be punished. Why not make them pay for the harms they are causing?"

We must reiterate yet again: ADULTS ARE NEXT. Any adult not fighting this tyranny who now has this information cannot complain once ADULT MANDATES are rolled out - and they WILL be rolled out. Either join our fight, or be okay with getting vaccinated every single year on the CDC schedule. It's one or the other - nothing in-between.

-Larry Cook
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