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Originally Posted by Gladiatrix View Post
What part did you grow up in? I live there.

I don't follow sports, but the Capitols are okay. I think the team is all Huwhite, but I could be wrong.
Springfield raised, NpVa boy to DC man.

Then to .Georgetown years. Moved on to Adam's Morgan in that town. (Well, the Mt Pleaaent edge of it).

Then years n Montgomery County. Rockville and sweetened and Silver Spring.

What part are you in?

(Been in AZ for decades now).

PS-- the last time I lived in Montgomery County was in 1999. I took a trip there for Old Times Sake in 2005. Some parts of it were getting to niggerfied. It's as if PG was movimg across the bordsr to MoCo. (Bur maybe that was just downtown Wheaton).

PSPS-- I look Baltimore or I should say it's County because now it sounds like the city is getting too much crap from black riots. I prefer cold pick up but when I want to date online dating systerms, back in the mid 2000s, I'd meet some cool chicks within the city limits.