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Talking Do you think , if the Chinese built their wall today , they would be charged with a 'hate crime' ?

lol . .

For a long time the Chinese felt themselves like 'the middle of the Earth' with 'monsters and barbarians' living outside . .
They viewed themselves as the non plus ultra of civilisation ,lol.

So they built 'the Great Wall'.

( allegedly the 'Great Wall' is one of the few buildings on Earth which is visible even from the moon . . .)

. . . I wonder how that wall was perceived under Mao Tse Tung.
Did they view it as a 'damnable remnant of their (((imperialist ancestors)))' or did they maybe think it might be useful / might be used in keeping 'the Western imperialists' out . .???

lol , Commie-logic . .

But . . do you think if that happened today ,the Chinese might be charged with a 'hate crime'?

I know today people of our race are the number one target of suspicion for 'hate crimes' but the 'international community' surely also pushes globalism hard for other races.

What do you think . . .?

. . gotta love 'songs about Asia' < - - - irony

. . especially when they're sung by Negroes