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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
That's not really true about the Great Wall of China being visible from the Moon, but the wall is still an impressive achievement.

Why isn't Shitrael being charged with a hate crime for building their wall? One guess...
Heehee , what is with nations 'building walls' because of alleged 'danger' . .?

Let's start with the 'Limes' in ancient times . . The FIRST wall which ever 'divided Germany' , if you will . .

First it was the Romans dividing 'Germany' , later it was the Bolsheviks . .

Let's not forger 'Hadrian's Wall' in Britain . .

. . to keep the 'evil Scots / Picts' from attacking . .

OR Yids-rael's wall against the Palastnians

- - -

OR Trump's 'wall against Mexico' . .

Sometimes walls may be justified , often they're just put up for imperialist purposes . .

Whatever . .