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. . gotta say , a docu called 'Ku Klux Klan - A secret history' though seems to show Klansmen closer to 'Hollywood Klansmen'.

In reality the people behind the KKK seem to be motivated by anthing but 'blind hatred' . .

The docu , though, shows some folks greeting "Good morning Dobson [ South Carolina ] !!!

We are the KKK . . We hate niggers . . we hate jews . . we hate faggots . . 'n we hate spics !!!!!"

Well . . I didn't exactly imagine them to express this message like "We happen not to be fond of African-Americans . . we happen not to be fond of Americans of mosaic belief . . we happen not to be fond of same-sexed individuals . . and we happen not to be fond of Latin-Americans", lol , that would've been too politically correct . . yet ... seriously,what do 'Hollywood Klansmen' hope to achieve? . .

Richard Bondira , today's expert on the Klan , said "What we get in media is distortionism, deliberate omissions ... fictionalisation of Klan-history . . .they take the misdeeds of one per cent and then blow it up like the organisation was founded to do those misdeeds ...."

Many Klan-groups also reject Nazis / skinheads ... they view themselves as Christian fraternity only . . . one Klan-leader in an interview even went so far to say "Skinheads and Nazis are socialist ( what he meant was National Socialist ), we are loyal to the American constitution ..."