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Post The war was mostly the northern factions fault

The war between the northern and southern states was first about what had evolved into big cultural differences between two regions of the US by 1850 basically creating two unique and increasingly hostile nations in close proximity to each other and second the oppressive taxes and tariffs which were forced on the southerners by the northern dominated federal government to rob and humiliate them.

The dam finally broke at the election of rabidly anti-south Abraham Lincoln for president in 1860 and after the ridiculously oppressive Morrill Tariff was signed into law just two days before 'Honest Abe's' inauguration in March 1861. The south finally had enough of the north's bullshit and it was on.

Before the war was over in 1865 an estimated 600,000 Americans, maybe many more were dead out of a pre war population of 11 million both north and south (including members of my family on both sides) and the south lay in ruins. The slur of the ugly american was born out of the carnage we inflicted upon each other with what was the cutting edge, state of the art weaponry of the time.

The rest of the world watched in horror unable to do anything to stop it.

The innocence of my people was lost forever and who knows what could have been if the best and brightest among that generation had not been slaughtered and maimed before the conflict ended. Our civil war was really all about two brother nations fighting over who rules the roost and money, the same things that drive countries and families to war today. Slavery, states rights, taxes, tariffs, injuns etc. were just issues that they threw in each others faces in lame attempt to put a civilized face on the reality that two powerful factions of my people simply wanted each others blood.

Really, to use a quaint saying god help us.

Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres; unam partem incolunt Belgae ...

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