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Default Bond movie "The World is Not Enough"

Robert Carlyle is always interesting. He was also on Stargate Universe playing a conflicted scientist at odds with the military. Never dull.

As for Hitler, the TV movie was Hitler: Triumph of Evil...real subtle title, huh? He looks a little like Hitler, and he gave it a good shot, although the movie was very inaccurate in many respects.
The child Hitler was shown burning his father's bird collection. In WWI, Hitler was shown as a military automaton. He also beat a dog he kept...not true, he actually adored it...and it did kind of save his life.

He was shown as a terrible artist unable to do anything. Again, not true.

They did get the relationship between him and his mother right, though, and the production values were good. Also, Rohm was shown as a blonde, handsome guy with a bodybuilder's physique. Not true.

I understand the script and shooting was very different, but the Jews got wind of the movie, met with the director and must have made an offer he couldn't refuse, so it became what it was. Also, when I saw it on TV, there were a dozen commercials by the ADL, like they couldn't take any chances.