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Originally Posted by Breanna View Post
. . . women who don't use their wombs or breasts for making and nursing babies go nuts, more and more crazy over time.
Yes, I have observed that, and it is so true. Yet I have heard women at work who are adamant about not having babies and, more especially, about not breastfeeding babies. There is one woman who is adamant about not breastfeeding, another who refused to do so because it took too much time, another who said it was extremely painful so she stopped. (I'm not a woman, but I'm guessing that, if it was painful, she was probably doing it wrong.) And they are the nuttiest women at work. The calmest ones are the older ones who have already had several children who have all moved out.

The hormonal changes of women's monthly cycles make us emotionally unstable and when a pregnancy makes those monthly cycles cease we become calm and peaceful. ESPECIALLY with a baby on the breast we are overcome by a wave of peace and tranquility because calming hormones are released!
Yes, I have observed that, too. And seeing White women pregnant or breastfeeding makes me feel calm, too.
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