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Originally Posted by Tom Smith View Post
I don't trust the Klan because they are christians - christianity is a jewish lie -
Without getting too much into religion , Jesus himself was anti-jewish and they are also the ones who had him killed . . He himself was of jewish descent but he detested his tribe , especially for their religion . . .

I do not wish to make this post either pro nor anti-christian , just naming the facts . . .
I don't like the nigger infested south
Yes, the American south is full of goids , even I as a German know this , but that's also why racialism among people of our race is relatively strong there . .

. . & I don't like people bumming money off of me to send to them in the south.
If your concerns are about private budget I can understand . .
I was a klan member when I was younger & have probably been thrown out for being unklannish at some point .
If you care to share . . what did your Klan-group consider 'unklanish' ?