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Ya gotta love it. Politicians by nature are corrupt, inept, delusional, and cannot do anything right.

Politicians have a lot in common with actors, another group of incompetent delusional losers.

They are to use the pc terms, narcissistic, attention whores, that are completely self absorbed. Sprinkled with power hungry, dictatorial, know it all authoritarianism.

This is why we end up voting for the candidate that will do the least amount of damage.

The sad fact is this is the only type of people that run for office, making the whole system flawed.

De blasio like all the other dumorats are all bought and paid for by the George Soros, jewish treasonists that are hell bent on destroying America and freedom of thought. They want a bunch of functional sheep to do the work, which is also why the border will never get fixed, either.

The downfall of Jew York happened after WW2 when they all emigrated from Germany, proving the fact that there was no holocaust.

The jews love their slaves, that's why Jew York is perfect for them. They love the muds because they are too stupid to think for themselves, and they all vote Dumorat. The Jew York skool system is a whopping 15% white. How do you think assholes like De Blasio get elected?

I hope he gets elected, not only would it serve the muds right but the liberal chicken shit whites that still vote the anti-white dumorat party.
Niggers aren't human. Humans don't behave that way.
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