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Woodpecker A Validation of Our Beliefs by the World's Smartest Man -- More or Less, Anyway

(Above: the UNESCO Brown Man, circa 1951: the genetic blueprint for mankind! He is just a “robot” among millions of other “robots,” plain, featureless, always obedient — a drone if you will; the photo is from the book “The United Nations Blueprint for Peace” by Stephen S. Fenichell and Phillip Andrews, 1951, page 70; the text directly under the photo reads: “THIS SYMBOLIC FIGURE represents all of us, everyone on earth, whoever we are, without distinction of any kind such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or any other status” — in other words, a Universal Brown Man, not a White European Man. Get the idea? Think about it: he’s a drone! A service machine. A worker bee. Period. This was and is the globalist blueprint for mankind; it’s from 1951, yes, but still very, very much in effect and going strong; just look at the EU “government”: it recently took away the freedoms of all the White European people, while, at the same time, flooding Europe with Brown immigrants! Get a clue, Whitey

When the smartest man in the world says something, do you listen? Most people do.

Here, Chris Langan, the smartest human on earth (his IQ is at least 195) says some of the things that we have been saying for years: that powerful globalists (such as the EU bureaucrats in Brussels) are trying to destroy White Western culture [1]. He also says that America is the only country that can stop the destruction, because, for one thing, the European people are completely disarmed (indeed, you can’t own a BB gun in Europe anymore. Guess why that is! Go ahead!). Furthermore, he says that Germany was not at fault for World War II (which is of course correct. England and America wanted war, not Germany. And what about Poland? WWII was not about “England protecting Poland’s borders,” as proven by the Soviet Union just 16 days later when England didn’t declare war on the Soviets when they invaded her as well!).

Watch this short video, in which Langan more-or-less validates our common nationalist beliefs. Granted, Langan doesn’t use the word “Jew” here, but he does use the phrase “international bankers,” which is close enough for many people, given that the Rothschilds, the Warburgs and the Schiffs, for example, were Jews; and today, powerful Jews like Soros and Zuckerberg are continuing their ethnic work. (Also noteworthy are Langan’s comments about the mass media and modern education [2]).

[Video; the duration is 3 minutes].

[1] the globalists hate White Western culture. While White culture is very productive, it’s also too hard to control, it’s too freedom-loving, too individualistic, too smart, and most importantly, the globalist Jews — who are not genetically White but are closer to Arabs — are deathly afraid of a White backlash against them sometime in the future (think of a “Fourth Reich”). The coming “Brown, Universal Man” as envisioned by the UN/UNESCO will be much easier to control, plus, Browns breed much faster than Whites

[2] “…the education system shares a peculiar distinction with the mass media: both are ideal means of indoctrination, mental and behavioral conditioning, and social manipulation, all of which are practiced by the wealthy and powerful out of sheer self-interest, and all of which are diametrically opposed to intellectual depth and objectivity…the education system is now seriously flawed. Its problems are almost too numerous to list: it is bureaucratic and peremptory, profit-oriented in a pyramidal way, full of prejudice against traditional American culture and values, and addicted to various articles of PC nonsense which it prosecutes aggressively and with astonishing intolerance and sanctimony” — Here

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