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Where dem broads be at ??!
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Smile May the great U. S. of A. prosper too

. . . you people should also take your country back from the N.W.O. . .

Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
This flag is much better than the illegitimate Weimar rag.

. . . you know your history
Don't right-wing activists in Germany still use the Imperial civil flag or Reichskreigsflagge since the Hakenkreuz and other NS imagery is banned?
Yup . .

Absolutely, the BRD is a creation of the (((Allied occupation powers))) and not lawfully ratified by the German people, as you know.

'Panzerlied' is such a cool song and still used by the Bundeswehr today. The modern Leopard is a badass tank, but I always think of the Tiger, Panther and Panzer IV when I hear this song. The Battle of the Bulge movie only used the first verse, unfortunately.

Panzerlied New Version
Another good military song is the glorious Prussian hymn . . .
Sex was once a forbidden topic . yet everyone had it on his /her mind . . today race is a forbidden topic