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Post spuds

Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
@ T.G.

Yes , it should be public knowledge that the potato stems from South America , not European . .

Since it is widely acknowledged that the USA , probably from 1800 on , has had a strong Irish influence ( American English as it is spoken today , the American 'hillbilly'-cliche of the 1800s , lol , etc . .) it isn't surprising that the Irish were in favour of 'fruits from the New World' . . .

They were so used to it . .
Some botanists are saying that the sweet potato might be from Asia, but who knows. The white potato that we are all familiar with is native to S America, and from the extreme south like Patagonia.

Potato is a huge cash crop in my area btw. Must be getting hungry, posted on the Aldi/Lidl thread too hahaha.


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