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Originally Posted by T.Garrett View Post
Some botanists are saying that the sweet potato might be from Asia, but who knows.
. . there is the theory around that the 'Injuns' came to the Americas from Asia , even though that theory is disputed . . North American tribes and South American Indios ( on a side note , we all know Columbus first had thought to have discovered India , so he called the people he met 'los Indios' , lol , that still lives on in Middle- / South-America ) . . Even though I do not take either of these groups ( North- , South-American ones ) for civilzed enough that they would take whole cultures of crops with them on their journey , lol . .

North American Injuns were more or less nomads "hunting that buffalo" , South American Indios were savages ( one shouldn't be blinded by the fact that their supposed 'pyramid-culture' is always so held up high , they were a wild bunch . .) . .

The white potato that we are all familiar with is native to S America, and from the extreme south like Patagonia.

Potato is a huge cash crop in my area btw. Must be getting hungry, posted on the Aldi/Lidl thread too hahaha.

Cheers . .

. . hmmmm . . don't know why yet every thread about Ireland here ( the last one I set up was the 'St. Patrick's Day'-thread ) makes me thirsty for whiskey , lol . .

Maybe time to just sit down , relax and get on my neverending-stockpile of good Irish Tullamore Dew I still hold in the 'party-room' . . .

lol . . taking it easy though , gotta get up early tomorrow morning . . ( it's about 6 PM where I live )