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Originally Posted by johnny yuma
New Fast food commercial, I think. The people are all at work in some office, and it's lunchtime. The office ape nigger was sent out to get lunch, returns with a bag of burgers.

A geeky redhead/blonde-ish guy says to his boss that they ordered the same thing twice, and his white boss flat out ignores him.

To which the nigger says "Gotta couple more buns in here. Wanna kiss 'em?"

Nigger made out to be smart and witty. White nerd made out to be an ass kissing retard.
Its all black ass kissing. Thats all that is on TV. Whitey is stupid and so guilt-ridden that he is compelled to make up for all the "pain and suffering" he has caused by taking it up the ass by "people of color" at every turn of the road. It is sickening and the frequency of the media's pandering is intensifying every second. Only a friggin revolution of non-participation will even slow this freight train of absurdity down.