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Author: Robert D. Brinsmead
August 2008

We appear to have entered a new age of unreason…It is from this, above all, that we really need to save the planet. Nigel Lawson

It is widely believed that the carbon emissions of our modern industrial civilization will cause catastrophic global warming. It is called anthropogenic [man-made] global warming (AGW). Media headlines and political chatter have become obsessed with carbon. There is endless talk of carbon emissions, carbon pollution, carbon footprint, carbon offsets, carbon rationing, carbon tax and carbon trading.

We need a new word to encompass all this alarmism about carbon. The word that readily suggests itself is carbophobia. It means “an irrational fear of carbon.”

The obsessive fear of carbon, carbon emissions, and carbon dioxide is totally irrational.

In the first place, carbon was forged in the unimaginable heat of the supernovae to become the fourth most common element in the universe and the most common of all non-gaseous elements. There are more carbon compounds than the compounds of all other elements combined. Every organic compound is composed of carbon. This means that all life is carbon-based.

There are vast stores of carbon in the earth, most of it in the form of carbonated rocks and organic material from all forms of life that have died to make decomposing vegetation, humus, coal and other fossil fuels. The ocean too contains vast amounts of carbon stored in sediments, shells, corals. The ocean contains about ninety times more carbon dioxide than is found in the atmosphere. [See Appendix 3(c)]. Besides all this carbon in the earth (the lithosphere), oceans and rivers (the hydrosphere) and in the air (the atmosphere), there is a great amount of carbon stored up in all the living plants and creatures on earth (the biosphere). This includes the micro-organisms in the soil and in the oceans. This micro-life makes up more than two thirds of the world’s biomass.

As any good text book on biology will tell us, all life on this planet is carbon-based. Every living thing, whether plant or animal is composed of carbon compounds. The building blocks for life are made of carbon. The dry matter of plants, whether giant trees or tiny grasses, is more than 90% carbon. The entire animal kingdom is also composed of carbon. Every organ, nerve, and the trillions of cells right down to our DNA is composed of carbon compounds. The old Biblical statement, “Dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return” could be scientifically up-dated to read, “Carbon you are, and to carbon you shall return.”

The world of living things is an amazing dance of living carbon.

The entire lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere is therefore saturated and... (entire article here; An_Irrational_Fear_of_Carbon)

more on the subject here;Bob Brinsmead Ecology page
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