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Default My trip to Williston

I made the trip out to Williston and it has been one of my better moves.
I thought I would chime in on how I made it happen.
My brother went up before me and found a job as a roustabout for a company that had employee housing. He called around for about a week asking companies if they offered employee housing. He made a list of the places that said yes then he jumped on the Am Track and took the ride out there.
He stayed with the church we used to belong to (Mormons) and they put him up for about a week and gave him a van to drive around town looking for jobs.
Within one week he was hired and had a place to live. Then I made the trip out by car and was hired at the same company the day I walked in making 18.50 an hour. Williston is a nice town and as long as you can nail down a place to live jobs are everywhere. The hours can be very long sometimes so I liked to use 5 hour energy drinks. After one of these you feel focused and ready for the day and without sugar there is no slump later after the sugar wears off. If you are going to make your move you should do it now while it is summer time because winter is hell there due to almost no trees and high winds. So you have a while, you could tent it up outside until you can get into a real house or mobile home with a company that offers that. That site is really good and there is a staffing agency called sos staffing. Buy the best gear you can for the job you are hired on for you will thank yourself later when you are standing out in the sun with a camelbak water holder and the other guys are dieing of thirst. Or Muck boots which keep your feet dry instead of just wearing normal work boots and your feet are soaked to the bone and your skin is rubbing off. The wind blows like hell so buy some dust goggles. If anyone has anything they want to ask me feel free to write.This is one of the only places a man can still earn a damn good living for the work he does.