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Originally Posted by Dawn View Post
I saw this on American Justice or some such show, and if I remember correctly it happened about 20 years ago in Greenboro, when the Klan was protesting a march of the Communist Workers Party.

Edit: Actually happened in 1979, and it was a 'Death to the Klan' march that the Klan was there protesting.
Yes Dawn, the jew-led Communist Workers Party held their "Death to the Klan" rally in an all-nigger housing project. And they mailed written invitations to several Klan leaders daring them to "come out from under your hoods and face the wrath of the people." And so we went.

The kikes are still bitching about cops not being on the shoot-out scene, but fact is, the kikes warned the cops beforehand to stay away and told the police chief there'd be a riot if the cops came. So that's why there were no cops around when the shoot-out occured. The cops were afraid of the kike and koon communists in that all-nigger housing project.
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