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Awwwww. . . you bring back fond memories, melcur. I was in that 3 November 1979 shoot-out which occured in an all-black neighborhood of Greensboro, NC. Only 5 months after I'd retired from the US Army. 5 dead reds and 12 more wounded in the 88 second gun battle, including lots of jews. First 2 shots fired at me. 19 shots fired by the reds - 20 by our side. 2 of our men slightly and accidentally wounded by shotgun blasts by our side.

Guy in white sweater firing an M-16 is Wayne Wood. Red headed fellow in denim jacket is Jack Fowler. David Mathews, credited with 4 of the 5 dead reds, later joined my group, the White Patriot Party. All long-time personal friends of mine back then. And all Klan and Nazi defendants were acquitted in two separate trials. Not one red was ever tried for anything.

I devoted a chapter of my book to the shoot-out, which can be read by clicking this link: (My eye-witness account)
from what I remember, didn't one of those who fired on the commies turn out to be an undercover sheriffs deputy?