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Originally Posted by Rex E. Cuto View Post
Ok, I really don't like you, but I have to ask for my own curiosity: you used the number 88 three times in this thread... two in the quote above, and you said the gunfight lasted 88 seconds.

Are you just pulling these numbers out, or are these for real? The reason I'm asking is because I have this thing about numbers. The number 88 being the number of seconds the fight lasted is pretty interesting to me.
The gunfight lasted exactly 88 seconds according to the video introduced as evidence in both trials. And there was a TV documentary called "88 seconds in Greensboro".

My other 2 references to the number 88 were preceeded by the word "about", meaning approximately. And "88" also, as you probably know, means Heil Hitler - the 8th letter in the alphabet being "H".
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