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Ummm...what is this?

Originally Posted by Anima Eternae
Casper - Am I done here?

Shane - No you're not done here. Not until you tell us what you were doing at Almato Alvarado's apartment today.

Casper - You all are buggin'. I was at my homegirls and how am gon' kill somebody I neva even heard of?

Shane - And how long before you piss off the wrong Mandingo and he wastes your pasty wigger ass as reparations?

Casper - The streets ain't got nuttin' but love for Casper as long as I'm puttin' money in their pockets.

Vic - Hmph. One bad month and you'll be danglin' from a balcony just like Vanilla Ice.

Shane - Another great white wannabe. Next thing you know we're gonna be hearing about some shitty rap album you're gonna wanna put out.

Casper - Why you trippin' on dis black and white shit? Color ain't a thang.

Shane - Oh come one, man. It's just us glacier monkeys. We both know white is right and black is whack.

Vic - Which is why you are rollin' with the pretty white lady. You may talk like a brother but you hang with your own.

Shane - Not that the sistas would show you love anyway.

Casper - Man I get more black ass than a bus bench in Compton, ya heard?

Vic & Shane (laughter)

Vic - Hard for me to imagine you holdin' it down with some Nubian matress monster.

Casper - Well you need to ask somebody, one-time. Tanisha's my go to girl. She let me tear her phat ass and sugarwalls up anytime I want. White hoe's only around 'cause she swallows nut and I can take her home to moms without any drama.

Shane (sarcastically ) - Word.