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From January 2019, both links in the script are now dead.

:'Why is there a deafening silence in the Western mainstream media regarding the numbers of civilian casualties as a result of the escalating state sponsored acts of terrorism of the French government against its own citizens? Because fake news is not only about false information; it is mostly about half or NO information. Besides the number of casualties, it is especially the type of injury that is shocking. And a very relevant question here is “Who is doing these violent acts against the French citizens and where do these units come from?” Some hair raising statistics: supposedly non lethal weapons have caused so far 109 severely injured citizens. This include 12 women, at least 15 of them lost an eye and a whopping 78(!) of them were shot in the head which left one of them in a coma.

Any French police officer with some spark of conscience and Free Will left in his being will not shoot his or her ethnic brother or sister, let alone aim for the head. Chances are high that foreign and partly kosher police units are deployed for crowd control in France. The psychological reasons for deploying foreign troops in a country is a well known strategy. Foreign troops have less problems committing violent acts like shooting at citizens in a foreign country. Besides the fear as a result of being outside owns own habitat there is less to none emotional connection with the “targets” and this combination lowers the threshold to commit violence substantially or completely. By means of backdoor treaties like the Lisbon Treaty the cynical New World Order elite is blatantly introducing an absolute dictatorship and if people protest too vigorously, they will be defeated by a professional gendarmerie, a military force from other countries that is not afraid of committing violent crimes against citizens. The European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR or EGF) is a European intervention force with militarized police functions and specialization in crisis management...The EGF was launched by an agreement in 2006 between five member states of the European Union (EU): France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. Of course all to protect us against the terrorists that they created themselves in the first place. It becomes clearer by the day, for anyone who dares to see this unpleasant reality, who the real terrorist actually is. The recent agreement between Germany and France and the Brexit freak show serve to obfuscate the full steam ahead push for the creation of an EU army in the shadows of attention. As stated from the higher EU echelons:

"At the European level we are already preparing intensively for the counter-insurgency, which - considering the envisaged measures - could certainly assume civil war proportions.”
EUROGENDFOR's founding documents also provide for the basic possibility to intervene in EU countries that have not ratified the Treaty of Lisbon or want to leave the "group of good guys".

The situation in France and the deployment of foreign troops is a sneak peek of the grim shape of things to come if people do not wake up and take appropriate action.

Specifics on casualties in France:…/gilets-j...b…Lisbon Treaty II. The Face of Dictatorship: EU Preparing for Armed Gendarmerie Against Treaty-disobedient Populations: