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Originally Posted by thomasdixonjr View Post
For a little money, white america can divorce themselves from the fast food culture. I never eat in an establishment that has nigger cooks or waitresses.

NEVER. Why take the risk of adulteration? Most chimps have it in for whites.

I cooked up some pork steak and small white beans from scratch, not light on the pork, and I can have meals for days. It cost me under five dollars.

So eat healthy at home, know exactly what is going into your food, and as a bonus save money.

Exactly. I never eat where niggers or beaners handle the food; they hate whites/Whites and will adulterate the food. About a week ago, I wanted a sandwich and when I went to a sandwich place, I saw a boot-lipped, slant-eyed Vandal Nigger sow working the place. Needless to say, I left and decided to make my own lunch at home!