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James Dunet

That link leads to comments sections with so much defeatism that they read like enemy spies trying to talk Pro Whites into surrender and or ineffective action. The same men who say violence will only bring defeat are too scared of the Big Bad Government to propose concrete solutions, with ample real world demonstrations of the effectiveness of their methods, to the on going destruction of all white countries.

I understand if a man is not able to bring himself to the level of Breivik. Very few men do such things under any circumstances. If a man believes that non violence is able to save the white race where is his white community? Does he lack the social skills to build one? Does he lack the nerve to call for white people to practice civil disobedience with him in the face of physical Government Persecution? White Nationalism is too much talk and not enough walk. If a man can't bring himself to do violence in the service of his people, how does he expect to defend his peaceful community from Government Persecution? It is my belief that such a man has long ago surrendered and is comfortable with slavery.

Those readers who wish for a better outcome had better do a few things.
1. Be ready to kill in the service of white people. (Daddy Government does not take kindly to disobedient white men trying to form white communities. They will not be convinced to spare you because you practice some form of non violence. Your community will be starved for money and forced to integrate at some point in the future.)

2. Start physically building a white community will all the boring, miserable hard work that entails. (Yes, you lazy slobs. You have to get off your fat asses and actually build something. You don't all get to be writers/town criers hoping to cheer on the supposed heroes of White Nationalism who haven't appeared yet.)

You either make White Communities work in a physical way or you find your place in the Jew Run World as an obedient slave. To make White Communities work in a physical way, you actually have to remove dangerous threats to White Communities. Influential Jews, Whites and State Enforcers are the biggest three groups who force integration (cheap labor) on white communities. They make a lot of money doing this.

Hey, kid! Want to do something non violent that will really piss off the rich Jews? Expose Central Banking and teach everyone you know about how money is loaned into existence and then distributed through out the world. The Jews and their Good Goyim are really afraid of the little people figuring that scam out. It's their ace in the hole and gives them the ability to play the long run strategy. Spreading that knowledge is the most powerful non violent approach you can take.
At first I was blind but later I knew, that Sylvester McMonkey McBean was a Jew! (Dr. Seuss Sneeches hidden meaning.) He mixes the two races together and runs away with all their money.