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Originally Posted by C. Grady Tucker View Post
Johnson's article had some very good points. Can someone tell me what that Gomer in New Zealand achieved? Aks'ing for a freind.
I suggest the positive effects of white men fighting back, however clumsy their approach, are not going to be realized for about 10 years or so. For a while it will be like giving out body blows in a boxing match. At first they seem to be a waste of energy. However, as the fight drags on the damage takes a toll on the enemy's ability to defend. Skilled and powerful boxers can make an opponent quit from enough body blows, though it doesn't happen too often.

The State will use any excuse to crack down on Pro Whites and I don't believe you can afford to play nice with White Self Haters or their Jew Masters. White Self Haters are every drop as devious as the Jews and usually idolize Jews in some way.

Could Tarrant have struck a more high value target? Maybe, maybe not. Unless Tarrant was part of a PsyOP, he would not have had any help, thus would probably not get very close to an Anti White politician before being intercepted. He took the same kind of fight to the Muslims that they have been taking to their rivals for decades. Breivik attacked a government building and a leftist youth camp. I'd say those count as high value targets. Both attacks proved that the Anti White governments of the world can't operate with no challenge anymore. They showed the common man that aggressive direct action can succeed.

As a rule of thumb, if you are taking Anti White people out of the equation, you are doing the right thing. Anti Whites are not going to be impressed by your meekness. For them, the problem is that you are in the way. Under what circumstances would such people spare you? Perhaps if you were and obedient slave/breeder for Jews and Darkies? What a miserable life that would be.

Whites don't win this fight without breaking a sweat and getting their hands bloody. Educating the masses is a noble goal but don't lose sight of the big picture. High Influence/Value Anti Whites are the most dangerous people to White Communities. They won't go down without a fight.
At first I was blind but later I knew, that Sylvester McMonkey McBean was a Jew! (Dr. Seuss Sneeches hidden meaning.) He mixes the two races together and runs away with all their money.